Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Spiders

The Spiders - Eindhoven (1962-1967)

  1. 1964 Fontana YF 278043 Spiders - Oze Wieze - Woze / Thank You Girl
  2. 1965 Fontana YF 278080 Spiders - Christina / Amor, Amor

The Spiders, a Dutch group from Eindhoven, started as The Valents. When recording the first single the record company (Fontana) changed their name to The Spiders. The Spiders recorded 2 singels; "Oze Wieze Woze" backed up with "Thank You Girl" from The Beatles, and "Christina" with "Amor Amor" at the flip side. Both records are released in the most sought after Dutch 'Favorieten Expres' series. The Spiders was one of the first (maybe even the first) Dutch band with a performance in The Starclub in Hamburg, Germany. This happened on a festival with nonstop 20 hours/day bands from all over Europe, but mostly British. The Starclub was in the Sixties one of the most famous clubs where also The Beatles starred. After the second single success was over, and they disbanded in 1967.

Heinz van Tuyl - Solo guitar
Jos Panhuysen - Lead guitar + vocal
Hans Vermeulen - Bass
Peter v. Breemen - Drums

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Robert Charbonnier said...

Good songs, thank you :)

rinso said...

Thank you for a great collection from a group I had never had to pleasure to hear before!

Anonymous said...

Many Graces! very cool!

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