Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Hunters (UK)

As The Shadows were pursuing a dual career as backing musicians and instrumentalists in their own right, there seemed to be no reason why The Hunters, as British backing group for Bobby Rydell, Jimmy Jones and UK stars The Allisons, Frank Ifield, The Avons, Mark Wynter, Kenny Lynch, Michael Cox and off course Dave Sampson, should not do the same. They cut their first single “Teen Scene” -- A Teddy Randazzo composition -- in about four takes and the result was an undoubted classic. On the flip was Brian Parker’s first ever composition “Santa Monica Flyer” -- named after the famed American train. “Teen Scene” didn’t chart, even so the next single “Golden Earrings” with “Taay Ho!” on the backside. But, although there was no charting, they sell sufficiently well for Fontana to grant their first LP release.

At the end of ’61 “Teen Scene” had been selected by Radio Luxembourg for a new show and that was enough reason for Fontana to rush in for a re-release -- with the moaning voices of a male vocal group dubbed in. The dubbing came as a complete and unpleasant surprise for the group. Also another album saw daylight, but lack of time found its echo in the quality. Even the cover was terrible cause there was no time for a sleeve photograph. But now, almost 50 years later, the two records have found their place in time. Not as spectacular milestones, but as evidence of how well The Hunters were as instrumentalists.

1961 LP Teen Scene The Hunters Play The Big Hits (UK Fontana TFL-5140)

A1. The Hunters - I Beg Of You
A2. The Hunters - Someone's Else's Baby
A3. The Hunters - Theme For A Dream
A4. The Hunters - Lipstick On Your Collar
A5. The Hunters - Pepe
A6. The Hunters - Teen Scene

B1. The Hunters - Golden Earrings
B2. The Hunters - Poor Me
B3. The Hunters - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
B4. The Hunters - A Voice In The Wilderness
B5. The Hunters - Theme From A Summer Place
B6. The Hunters - Tally Ho

1962 LP Hits From The Hunters (UK Fontana TFL-5175)

A1. Runaway
A2. All I Have To Do Is Dream
A3. All Shook Up
A4. Petite Fleur
A5. Misty
A6. The Storm

B1. Love Me Tender
B2. Walk Right Back
B3. A Girl Like You
B4. Hound Dog
B5. Portrait Of My Love
B6. How's 'm Chicks

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