Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just Singin' to My Baby - 5 EP's (1957-1960)

1958 EP Susie Darlin' (Dot DEP-1092)

1960 EP Tell Laura I Love Her (RCA Victor EPA-4367)

1957 EP Just A Dream (Ace ZTEP-60765)

1958 EP Jimmy Bowen (Roulette EPR-1-302)

1958 EP Singin' to My Baby (Liberty LEP 3-3061)

Eddie Cochran - Cradle Baby
Eddie Cochran - I'm Alone Because I Love You
Eddie Cochran - Lovin' Time
Eddie Cochran - One Kiss

Jimmy Bowen - Ever Since That Night
Jimmy Bowen - I'm Stickin' With You
Jimmy Bowen - Raggedy Anne
Jimmy Bowen - Warm Up To Me Baby

Jimmy Clanton - Angel Face
Jimmy Clanton - Just A Dream
Jimmy Clanton - My Love Is Strong
Jimmy Clanton - Ship On A Stormy Sea

Ray Peterson - Fever
Ray Peterson - Suddenly
Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I Love Her
Ray Peterson - The Wonder of You

Robin Luke - Bad Boy
Robin Luke - Chicka Chicka Honey
Robin Luke - Susie Darlin'
Robin Luke - Won't You Please Be Mine

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