Monday, September 5, 2011

Adam Faith

1963 LP For You (UK Parlophone PMC-1213)

01. Adam Faith - The Wanderer
02. Adam Faith - My Kind Of Girl
03. Adam Faith - Forget Him
04. Adam Faith - Forget Me Not
05. Adam Faith - Let There Be Love
06. Adam Faith - Lazy River
07. Adam Faith - Hello Mary Lou
08. Adam Faith - Ginny Come Lately
09. Adam Faith - Things
10. Adam Faith - Take Good Care Of My Baby
11. Adam Faith - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
12. Adam Faith - Bye Bye Love

1964 LP On The Move (UK Parlophone 1228)

01. Adam Faith - Don't You Dig This Kind Of Beat
02. Adam Faith - Mighty Fine Girl
03. Adam Faith - I Do
04. Adam Faith - It'll Never Happen to You
05. Adam Faith - It's Alright
06. Adam Faith - I Gotta Get Going
07. Adam Faith - Here's Another Day
08. Adam Faith - Come Closer
09. Adam Faith - This Is The Feeling
10. Adam Faith - You've Got A Way With Me
11. Adam Faith - You're Nice to Know
12. Adam Faith - She's Smiling at Me
13. Adam Faith - Only One Such as You
14. Adam Faith - Come on Dream

1965 LP Fath Alive! (UK Parlophone 1249)

01. Adam Faith - Lady Oh Lady.mp3
02. Adam Faith - High Heel Sneakers.mp3
03. Adam Faith - Talk About Love.mp3
04. Adam Faith - Look Out Baby.mp3
05. Adam Faith - Everybody's Talking 'Bout a Thing Called Love.mp3
06. Adam Faith - Night Time Is the Right Time.mp3
07. Adam Faith - I Wanna Be Your Man.mp3
08. Adam Faith - Little Queenie.mp3
09. Adam Faith - Hey Little Lovin' Girl.mp3
10. Adam Faith - Hey Baby.mp3
11. Adam Faith - I Can't Think of Anyone Else.mp3
12. Adam Faith - You Can't Blame Him.mp3
13. Adam Faith - Heartbreak Hotel.mp3
14. Adam Faith - I Need Your Loving.mp3

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Chi-Town said...

Excellent! Thank you very much.

Doug said...

Thanks.Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hartelijk dank voor deze mooie albums

Unknown said...

having problems with link any chance of redending the adam faith 3

Chelas said...

Thank you, excellent

ian said...

Nice blog, I love your blog layout. Nice to know you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I subscribed today. How can I download older uploads, including these excellent Adam Faith albums? Thank you!

Ben said...

Music downloads are only available via Email Subscription. Submit your Email address up here, confirm and activate your first mail, and you'll get the information with the next update.

Anonymous said...

I did confirm and activate my first mail. You mean I have to wait for a new upload before I get the links to all the older ones?

Ben said...

That's right!

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