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The Hullaballoos - The Hullaballoos (1965)

Who thought The Police was the first blond British rock band that entered the US hit parade is terribly wrong. Exact 15 years earlier Roulette records brought by vice president Hugo Peretti and A&R director Luigi Creatore a bleached blond rock quartet, from Hull, England, to the States. The Hullaballoos -- named to their home city -- were Ricky Knight, Harry Dunn, Andy Woonton and Geoff Mortimer. The Hullaballoos, arguably the most exploitative act of the first wave of the British Invasion with their wig-like helmets of bleach-blond hair that vied with the Pretty Things and the Stones in length, had an immediately striking visual presence. Musically it was another matter. The Hullaballoos were actually not even stars in England. They were just arrived in London after only local performances. By signing Roulette most of their music came from hack Brill Building songwriters, who let the band sound like Buddy Holly. Their first small U.S. hit was a cover of Holly's "I'm Gonna Love You Too" and the other, "Did You Ever," was a Holly-esque down to the hiccuping vocal. Numerous television appearances -- most notably in the Hullaballoo show -- did not bring further fortune. After two Billboard entries (1964/1965) and two albums, the show was over. Knight left the group and was replaced for a short time by Mick Wayne (born Michael Wayne, 1945, Kingston upon Hull.) In 1966 they broke up completely.

1965 LP The Hullaballoos (US Roulette R-25297)

According Richie Unterberger of 'allmusic' the group plays like a cross between the Searchers and Gerry & the Pacemakers on amphetamines on most of their self-titled album, which includes both "I'm Gonna Love You Too" (US#56) and "Did You Ever" (US#74) enjoyable despite itself. And I agree. "I'll Show You How to Love" is actually a pretty and tuneful beat ballad worthy of a more skilled group. But the album was reasonable successful in the US and that was special for a British beat group with almost no success in their homeland.

01. The Hullaballoos - Beware
02. The Hullaballoos - I Couldn't Get Along Without You
03. The Hullaballoos - Did You Ever
04. The Hullaballoos - If You Don't Know By Now
05. The Hullaballoos - Can't You Tell
06. The Hullaballoos - Party Doll
07. The Hullaballoos - I'll Show You How To Love
08. The Hullaballoos - Every Night
09. The Hullaballoos - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
10. The Hullaballoos - Wouldn't You Like To Know
11. The Hullaballoos - Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
12. The Hullaballoos - I'm Gonna Love You Too

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valerie walsh said...

Hi Bernardo!
So as I was reading this wonderful post i was thinking was there not a show called Hullabaloo? Then of course I saw the album where the band played on the show, right? Wow! Now i do not remember this band, i was born in 1959 but i do remember the show and John i think used to book acts on this show when he was an agent at William Morris. You make beautiful posts, they are so interesting, well written beautifully comprehensive with the covers and photos!
Really wonderful ;)

TalentAgent said...

Great Blog.I have the honor of being one of The Hullaballoos' U.S. Contacts.My story goes back to 1965,when I had the pleasure of meeting the lads. I have to dissmiss when most music critics had to say about them. They actually recorded for Columbia Records,UK. The master recordings were then re-sold to Roulette, in the U.S. They hit the charts in the UK, with a tune orginally done by Frankie Lymon. The Roulette people really blew the chance to make these guys a bigger act. But, at the time they had this guy called Tommy James.
The two lps they did were fun-loving---teen oriented. If they had Capitol/MGM/Liberty, or a company with a better handle on working for the future--rather than just "One Hit" "Bye-Bye", we would be talking a better history for these guys.
Oh, I still communicate with all of them, and they are doing well!

Dennis "Lucky" Knapp said...

To whom it may concern,
I was looking at the page that had the Hullaballoos info on, and I read a post from one TalentAgent/U.S., and was wondering if you happen to know who this is and if you could put me in contact with him/her? The reason for my request is that back in 1965 when the Hullaballoos band did a US tour, I drove them around in my 57 Chevy. We were in North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and when they flew out they left from the airport in Mpls, Mn. I have not heard from any of them since I saw them fly out. I would very much like to get in touch with them again. If there is anything that you could help me with I would appreciate it.

Dennis "Lucky" Knapp
10263 S Fall Ave
Yuma, AZ. 85365

Anonymous said...

Just an update, Lucky and the talent agent have made contact. will let you know what happens. Thanks for your help and web-site.
Dennis "Lucky" Knapp

"The Rockin' Gipsy" said...

This brings back sweet memories !!! i bought this 1st album way back in '65,"GREAT"
Superb Blog!!!

Lucky Knapp said...

Here's an update on the Hullaballoos, they now have a web site to visit. It has quite a bit of the music and lots of pictures. Please visit this site I think you will really enjoy it. Lucky

TalentAgent said...

Hi everybody....Just to let everyone know....Lucky, and I have finally met each other after over 40 years. from our first meeting in Sioux City Iowa at the Shore Achers Ballroom.(During The Hullaballoos Appearance, in the mid-60's) Thanks to this site for making this happen! TalentAgent/US

Dave Walker said...

Harry. I am Dave Walker, ex member of Gary Lewis and the Playboys. I have stiffed you long enough. I owe you $136.00 for a guitar you gave me in 1964. I never paid you. If you will send me you address or pay pal account, I will get this off my conscience and send you the money I owe you!


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