Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hullaballoos - On Hullabaloo (1965)

The Hullaballoos' second LP stuck to much the same format as their first. A few Buddy Holly covers were stuck a midst new songs, supplied to the band, that aimed to combine Buddy Holly with the Merseybeat sound, in a simple and exploitative way. Like the debut, it's not bad in spite of all that, though the material is a little weaker this time around. "I Won't Turn Away Now" is about the best of the batch, with something of a melodramatic New York pop influence in the songwriting; it wouldn't be too hard to imagine the Shangri-Las doing it with a totally different arrangement, for instance.

1965 LP On Hullabaloo (US Roulette R-25310)

01. The Hullaballoos - I Won't Turn Away Now
02. The Hullaballoos - Rave On
03. The Hullaballoos - I Got This Feeling
04. The Hullaballoos - Better Change Your Ways
05. The Hullaballoos - You Were There
06. The Hullaballoos - Never Ever Will
07. The Hullaballoos - Learning The Game
08. The Hullaballoos - Don't Stop
09. The Hullaballoos - My Heart Keeps Telling Me
10. The Hullaballoos - That'll Be The Day
11. The Hullaballoos - Don't Cha Know
12. The Hullaballoos - It's About That Time

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