Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Hunters (NL) - The singles

1965 SP Mr.Tambourine Man/It Ain't Me Babe (NL RCA Victor 47-9597)
1965 SP You Were On My Mind/Bury Me Beneath The Willow (NL RCA Victor 47-9599)
1966 SP Russian Spy And I/Spring (NL RCA Victor 47-9656)
1966 SP Janosh/When I See Babette (NL RCA Victor 47-9657)
1967 SP I'm The King/The Consul Of Sidney (NL RCA Victor 47-9751)
1968 SP Lost Money/Shovel Man (NL Imperial IH 818)
1968 SP Strange Things Appear/Blues In G (NL Imperial IH 791)

In 1965 Jan Akkerman and his band decided to change their name from "Johnny and The Cellar Rockers" to "Johnny and the Hunters", wich became simply "The Hunters" soon after. Paul Hubert replaced Jan Burgers on guitar, while Wilfred Arens was the new bassplayer. Wilfred on his turn was replaced by Ron Bijtelaar in 1966. Their first singles featured Rita Severijnse and Floor Klomp on vocals, but since "The Russian Spy and I", released in June 1966, they shared the vocals themselves. That single became a Top 40 hit in The Netherlands, as it reached #10. The next single "Janosh" wasn't very successful (#40) and not very good aether. But it was a logical follow-up to its predecessor, who became one of the milestones in Dutch pop history. After that single, Ron Bijtelaar was replaced by Frank Smit, before Ron finally returned to The Hunters, to play on their last single "Lost Money" in November 1968. The Hunters were, just like the "Cellar Rockers", also a backing group for several lead singers. For instance, they recorded a single with vocaliste Peggy March in 1966. Recently this photo from the recording session turned up. For more info about Jan Akkerman -- Holland's best guitar player ever:

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