Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Shadows - Three EP's (1962)

1961 EP The Shadows (UK Columbia SEG-8061)

1961 EP The Shadows To The Fore (UK Columbia SEG-8094)

1961 EP Live At The Colosseum (SEGJ-11014)

1962 EP Theme Music From "The Boys" (UK Columbia SEG-8193)
Shadows - Sweet Dreams
Shadows - The Boys
Shadows - The Girls
Shadows - The Theme From 'The Boys'

1962 EP Spotlight On The Shadows (UK Columbia SEG-8135)
Shadows - Kon-Tiki
Shadows - Peace Pipe
Shadows - The Frightened City
Shadows - The Savage

1962 EP Wonderful Land Of The Shadows (UK Columbia SEG-8171)
Shadows - 36-24-36
Shadows - Midnight
Shadows - Stars Fell On Stockton
Shadows - Wonderful Land

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