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The Castells - So This Is Love (1962)

The Castells were a male vocal quartet from Santa Rosa, California best remembered for their hits "Sacred" (#20 in 1961) and "So This Is Love" (#21 in 1962). The group originally started with three members in November of 1958. In February 1959 Bob Ussery was added to the group, and that summer joined Joe Kelly after one of the early singers left. Only Tom Hicks and Chuck Girard stayed as first members of the group.

Their sound blended light rock with elements of collegiate harmony singing and jazz, and proved popular with teenagers as well as adults. The Castells was formed at Santa Rosa, CA High School, circa 1959. They were booked for a performance at a local teenage "canteen". They did not have a name, and their pianist, Jeff Bush, suggested the name. It had no meaning other than they thought that it sounded good, and the intent was to be more thoughtful and change it later. They obviously never did. Through a local Santa Rosa KJAX disc-jockey who went by the name of Dan Dillon, they got some Hollywood contacts. Girard's mother financed a demo for $100., which was recorded in a San Francisco studio. Read on +/-

They took their demo and went door-to-door in Hollywood, first to Crystalette Records,which seemed to be defunct, Alladin records, and then Era Records. They were excited that Alladin seemed interested, as they considered themselves to be R&B, but eventually it was Era who signed them with some help of Dillon. Their first release "Little Sad Eyes", went to "Bubbling Under" on the Billboard chart, then came "Sacred", which charted for them. The next,"Make Believe Wedding," went again "Bubbling Under", but then "So This Is Love" again charted.

The Castells played shows for a few years, and were privileged to share the stage with many of their idols, among them Jackie Wilson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Vee, and Brenda Lee. They never again charted, but did continue to record for a few years, first for Warner Brothers Records, and then lastly, Decca Records. They disbanded around 1964.

1962 LP So This Is Love (US Era ES-109)

01. The Castells - So This Is Love
02. The Castells - I Get Dreamy
03. The Castells - Some Enchanted Evening
04. The Castells - The Vision Of You
05. The Castells - Stiki De Boom Boom
06. The Castells - Make Believe Wedding
07. The Castells - Oh! What It Seemed To Be
08. The Castells - Sacred
09. The Castells - Stand There Mountain
10. The Castells - Little Sad Eyes
11. The Castells - Clown Prince
12. The Castells - Dancing In The Dark

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