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The Cleftones - Doo-Wop in Hart And Soul (1961)

Formed in Queens, NY, in 1955, the Cleftones consisted of five friends from Jamaica High School -- Herb Cox (lead), Warren Corbin (bass), Charlie James (first tenor), William McClain (baritone), and Berman Patterson (second tenor). Originally signed to Gee, the group released its first single, "You Baby You," late in 1955; an up-tempo doo wop song, the record became a regional hit. "Little Girl of Mine," the Cleftones' second single, broke nationally, charting at number eight R&B and number 57 pop in 1956; two other similar singles, "Can't We Be Sweethearts" and "String Around My Heart," were released the same year, yet they failed to attract national attention. "See You Next Year," a ballad the group recorded in 1957, did not earn the group an audience outside of New York. Two years later, McClain left the group and was replaced by Gene Pearson from the Rivileers. Patricia Spann was also added to the Cleftones' lineup that year, which helped nudge the band away from traditional group-oriented doo wop harmonies and toward a vocal sound that was dominated by the lead vocals. In 1961, the Cleftones realized the potential of the sound with their smash hit version of the standard "Heart and Soul"; it became the group's biggest hit, reaching number 18 on both pop and R&B charts. Later that year, the group had another hit with "For Sentimental Reasons," but the band had reached a peak with "Heart and Soul" and were never able to reach those heights again. The Cleftones broke up in 1964, three years after their greatest success.

1961 LP Heart And Soul (US Gee SGLP-705)

01. The Cleftones - Heart And Soul
02. The Cleftones - How Do You Feel
03. The Cleftones - A Hunderd Pounds Of Clay
04. The Cleftones - Please Say You Want Me
05. The Cleftones - Can't We Be Sweethearts
06. The Cleftones - Time Is Running Out On Our Love
07. The Cleftones - Little Girl Of Mine
08. The Cleftones - Heavenly Father
09. The Cleftones - Glory Of Love
10. The Cleftones - You And I Can Climb
11. The Cleftones - You Baby You
12. The Cleftones - String Around My Heart

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1961 LP For Sentimental Reasons (US Gee GLP-707)

01. The Cleftones - For Sentimental Reasons.mp3
02. The Cleftones - Blues In The Night
03. The Cleftones - Red Sails In The Sunset
04. The Cleftones - She's Gone
05. The Cleftones - Vacation In The Mountains
06. The Cleftones - My Babe She's A Rolling Stone
07. The Cleftones - Earth Angel
08. The Cleftones - Deed I Do
09. The Cleftones - Shadows On The Very Last Row
10. The Cleftones - What Did I Do That Was Wrong
11. The Cleftones - Hey Babe
12. The Cleftones - Leave My Woman Alone

If you want to listen to the music... Look up in the right column.
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